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Prolific and distinguished author Cameron Judd (whose books tend to focus on the early frontier and Tennessee history) couldn’t pick an absolute favourite of his books (I know it’s a tough question!) but does have a particular fondness for his American Civil War/ Mountain War trilogy. His favourite character is Ben Scarlett, the town drunk of Knoxville, Tennessee, who is central to the trilogy.

The 2nd in the series, THE PHANTOM LEGION, deals with events of 1863, when the war in Tennessee and North Carolina goes underground and soldiers use signalling points like Clinch Mountain and Lookout Mountain.

Lookout Mountain

It continues the story of Amy Deacon, Ben Scarlett, Sam Colter and Greeley Brown as they wage an underground war on the side of the Union. This reflects how Tennessee, although part of the Confederacy, had a large minority of Union supporters, particularly in the east of the state.

Confederate soldiers

Battles fought in this area at this time included actions at Fort Sanders at Knoxville, the Battle of Bean’s Station, Chattanooga and Chickamauga.

Artists depiction of the Battle of Chattanooga 1863

Confederate leaders included 

General Braxton Bragg

and General James Longstreet.

Their Union opponents included

 Generals Ambrose Burnside,

Joseph Hooker

and U.S. Grant – who later became President, of course.

Publishers Weekly on CAMERON JUDD: ‘A keen observer of the human heart as well as a fine action writer.’

‘Draws attention to a part of the Civil War that little has been written about.’
‘Historically accurate, fast paced, easy reading.’

‘This is just as good as the first one.’

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